Depron Foam Sheet

Depron Foam Sheet

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Depron is a closed cell ps foam in sheet form,it is a fantastic for building model aircraft,architectural model,prototype design

Depron is a foamed, closed cell polystyrene product, manufacured into sheets of a standard size. It is extremely lightweight and moisture resistant.

Developed as a high performance for Floor Insulation, now Depron has a wide variety of uses such as food packaging, but more recently in Modeling due to it's light weight and rigity. Here are the applications of the Depron Sheet:-

  • Floor & Wall Insulation
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Underlay for Engineered Wood & Laminate
  • Model Aircraft
  • R/C Aircraft
  • Architectural Models
Originally used as containers for fast-food and flooring insulation, Depron has been established as the perfect material for producing models, especially model aircraft.

Depron is lightweight, whilst maintaining incredible strength and because of the structure of the foam, Depron cuts very easily and cleanly, making it effortless to work.
Thickness available: 3mm, 5 mm , 6mm,9mm