Marine GearBox

Marine GearBox

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  • Oil controlled clutch engagement
  • Carburized and hardened gear

  • Emergency come home feature

  • Rubber block drive

  • Ratios: 2.03:1 2.59:1 3.04:1 3.62:1 4.11:1 4.65:1 5.06:1 5.47:1 and 5.81:1

  • Equipped with SAE No. 1 or 6135C engine type flywheel housing

  • Positive neutral

  • Both clutches removable when transmission being attached to engine

  • Identical performance and ratios for forward or reverse motion and convenience for twin-engine fitting.

  • The related transmission capacity expressed in this catalogue are for the continuous duty (operated continuous at full engine governed speed)

  • The said transmission capacity can be increased with intermediate duty (full engine power occupying 50% of the working hours), or with light duty (only occasional usage at full engine power). It is an economic way for users to select a comparatively small-sized gearbox to match the engine. If so, please contact us for further information.